Voice Solutions

EarthNet Consulting provides a wide range of voice services designed exclusively for Enterprise clients. Whether you desire to consolidate all of your basic local dial-tone or POTS lines nationwide, are developing your strategy for the transition to IP Telephony, or you simply need long distance, toll-free, or conferencing services, EarthNet Consulting’s team will provide a network solution designed for your needs today that compliments your vision for the future.

Our Voice Service offerings include:

Cloud Hosted PBX

With a Hosted PBX, growing businesses have a fully managed, enterprise-grade phone system utilizing the latest cloud-based technology – all without the high costs of a traditional premise-based phone system.

Why a Hosted PBX Solution?

When you choose a Hosted PBX solution, your business will receive complete onsite installation, professional training at your location and a detailed site survey to ensure a seamless transition. Furthermore, you have the unmatched personalized support of the EarthNet Consulting team on hand whenever you need assistance.

How Can a Hosted PBX Benefit Your Business?

Feature Rich Solutions: A feature rich platform includes voicemail to email, mobility features, auto attendant and music on hold, just to name a few.

Affordable Costs: With a Hosted PBX, you’ll never have to worry about expensive hardware installation and maintenance or software updates. This key perk enables organizations to eliminate costs but enjoy the benefits of using up-to-date, feature-rich technology.

Increased Flexibility: Optimal for businesses of all sizes, hosted solutions enable smaller organizations to have the same resources as larger ones. There are no costly layouts, additional equipment purchases or complicated start up procedures.

Solution for Remote Users: Your business can easily connect multiple locations and remote workers in a single platform. Remote workers can access the same phone system as their coworkers by simply connecting a preprogrammed VoIP phone to broadband/cable Internet connection. With this solution in place, businesses can improve productivity, manage remote employees and reduce travel and office expenses.

SIP Trunking

With SIP Trunking service, your business now has access to both the advanced features you need and the optimized bandwidth utilization to help you reach a new level of efficiency. By integrating voice and data onto one circuit and utilizing dynamic allocation, you are able to use your bandwidth to its fullest capacity—regardless of the time of day or the number of phone lines in use.

For businesses with IP PBX’s, SIP Trunking offers seamless voice and data communications and cost-savings by utilizing dedicated Internet for voice calls. Through the development of a strong relationship, EarthNet Consulting will provide you with a solution customized to your business and infrastructure.


  • Cut your business’ telecommunications costs by combining your voice and data services on one single circuit
  • With dynamic allocation, you can optimize your utilization of voice lines and data bandwidth
  • Achieve scalable and secure voice and data service

Nationwide Local Dial Tone

EarthNet Consulting offers local dial tone services to customers across the USA. With a wide variety of customizable features, we are able to offer business lines that meet even the most specific customer requirements.

Nationwide Local Service:

  • POTS consolidation
  • Basic and Premium Line Services
  • Aggressive Long Distance Rates

Nationwide Long Distance

EarthNet’s has solutions for Outbound and Inbound Long Distance Service with low competitive rates for your 1+ and 8xx dialing in-state, and state-to-state calling. Our International Direct Dial Service provides customers with the network reliability and competitive rates necessary to conduct business successfully in today’s global market.

  • Switched and Dedicated 1+ and 8xx services
  • Highly Competitive Rates
  • Call Centers
  • Toll-Free Numbers (800 / 888 / 877 / 866 / 855)

Audio and Web Conferencing

EarthNet Offers a full suite of features and support options for an conferencing application with crystal clear Audio, Video and Web Conferencing to over 100 countries.

 Audio Conference Calling Services (Voice and Web):

  • Reservation Less
  • Operator Assistance
  • Premier Services
  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • International Solutions
    • ITFS
    • Local Toll
    • Dial Out

Video Conferencing Services

  • Room to Room Video
  • In the Cloud Bridging
  • Mobile Collaboration
  • Video Equipment

Web Conferencing

  • Collaborate with global teams
  • Train remote colleagues and customers
  • Review documents in real-time
  • Present to customers and prospects