At EarthNet, we offer a variety of solutions that will suit all your business telecommunication needs. When you expand, we can expand with you, all the while still offering very competitive pricing and first class service.

EarthNet Consulting has a product or service suitable for any large, medium or small sized company that will suit most internal communication business needs.

Being independent enables EarthNet to recommend solutions to our customers for the appropriate networks and respond with the flexibility to changing market conditions .

The biggest advantage of working with EarthNet is that we can offer the right product or service over several different providers and the customer still has one point of contact.

We will help you through the entire process of selecting and installing the network solution.

EarthNet Voice

Long Distance Services

EarthNet Consulting’s offers multiple and cost-effective alternatives for in-state, out-of-state, international and toll-free calling for businesses of any size.

EarthNet Long Distance Services Portfolio

  • Dedicated (T1) and Switched (POTS Line) Outbound 1+ Dialing Services
  •  Dedicated (T1) and Switched (POTS Line) Inbound Toll-Free (8xx) Service
  • Conferencing Services

Local Exchange Services

EarthNet offers a comprehensive, nationwide selection of reliable local services packages at extremely competitive rates. Through very carefully selected partnerships, EarthNet combines the stability and ubiquitous coverage of the traditional telephone companies with the pricing of the competitive CLEC industry. This allows EarthNet customers to achieve nationwide solutions from a single provisioning and purchasing point. Whether your business requires business lines or digital T-1 solutions, voicemail or three-way calling, EarthNet’s Local Services will meet your needs wherever your need them.

If your company needs Verizon in one market but a Bell South in another, with one point of contact, then EarthNet is your only choice for local service.

EarthNet Local Services Portfolio

  • Basic Business Lines
  • Local or Integrated T1
  • ISDN Service
  • Directory Assistance

Basic Business Lines

These are “Plain Old Telephone Service” POTS Lines. Business Lines provide basic access service and supply single line telephones, telephone lines and access to the public switched network to deliver a single, voice-grade communications channel. This service is ideal if your business uses a small number of phone lines that do not require the features and functionality of a PBX or Hybrid phone system. A basic Business Line will provide PBX and Key System users a low-cost option for FAX and Modem connectivity.

Features and benefits:

  • Most widely installed local service in the US today
  • Carry inbound, outbound or two-way traffic
  • No technical knowledge required to implement
  • Supports touchtone, local and national directory assistance and E-911 access
  • Competitive prices

Local or Integrated T1

Provides a DS-1 digital transmission facility operating at 1.544 Mbps and time division multiplexed into 24 channels for the connection of Basic or DID Trunks to a PBX or trunk capable Key System. These full service trunks can be used to carry local service or a combination of local and long distance thereof.

Features and benefits:

  • Shared Access
  • Analog or digital
  • Carry inbound, outbound or two-way traffic
  • Supports DID
  • Reduces number of connections necessary

Local ISDN Service

This is a standard, all digital technology that allows simultaneous, integrated voice and data capability over two-wire digital loops and four-wire digital trunks. These loops and trunks access circuit-switched voice and data, data networks and network services databases.


A communications line that provides both voice and data capabilities via 2 64Kbps Bearer (B) channels and one Data (D) channel used for signaling. The 2 B channels can be used for voice but are more commonly used for data purposes such as a remote user connection to an Internet Service Provider (ISP), video conferencing, or voice/data transmission from remote offices to a main business location. These circuits can be combined or “bonded” to achieve higher speeds required for more bandwidth-intensive applications.


ISDN PRI is configured with 23 bi-directional B (Bearer) channels and one D (Data) channel. Unique to ISDN PRI is its ability to designate the D channel to handle all of the signaling and call control requirements and leave the remaining 23 B channels free for any mix of voice, virtual private line and circuit-switched data. With EARTHNET Local ISDN PRI, you can:

  • Use your existing infrastructure to enable all digital, high- speed voice and data applications that increase productivity
  • Dynamically allocate channels for voice, fax and modem to adapt to changing traffic patterns
  • Increase trunking efficiency by over 25%, reducing total trunks required.
  • Add long distance at competitive rates

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EarthNet IP / Data

Private IP VPN Service (MPLS)
Direct Internet Access (DIA)
Public IP VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Frame Relay
Domestic and International Private Line
Managed Network Services (MNS)
Co Location

Private IP VPN Service (MPLS)

By definition, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) supports multiple communication protocols. Essentially, MPLS is a traffic management technique that allows users to prioritize network applications such as voice, data and video to ensure reliable and high-quality transmissions utilizing Internet Protocol (IP). Additionally, MPLS provides customers an all-IP infrastructure ( securely separated from public internet traffic ) providing direct, fully meshed, connectivity to their disparate geographic locations, a wide range of access speeds, reduced networking costs and the capability to expand as their businesses change and grow.

We offer a variety of bandwidth increments, includingT1/E1, DS3, STM1, OC3, Gig E, OC48, OC192 and 10G, from Tier 1, 2 or 3 carriers. We have access methods and billing options that can be customized for solutions to meet customers’ unique needs. With a large U.S. infrastructure and increasing reach to international locations, connectivity to all major Internet providers, and a presence at U.S. peering exchanges, our Dedicated Internet Access consistently delivers the Internet to customers, helping them offer local-to-global connectivity to their end users.

Companies looking to reduce costs, improve QoS, facilitate any-to-any communications and converge several legacy (FR, ATM, IPSEC) and next-generation services on a common infrastructure are taking a hard, serious look at MPLS.

Most analysts agree that IP VPNs using MPLS will be the predominate service in the market for the next ten years. The growing demands of enterprises needing to reduce costs, expand their footprint and ensure security makes MPLS a prime candidate. MPLS provides an economical and flexible alternative to private line connectivity or site-to-site tunnels. In addition, MPLS is easier to manage and maintain.

While nearly every global service provider now offers MPLS-based VPN services, the end-user community, however, is just waking up to the wide ranging benefits of MPLS. As MPLS demand grows, many customers are underserved by the carrier community due to mergers, general instability, and reduced resources, EarthNet presents a stable and knowledgeable alternative for securing MPLS migrations. Our vast experience and solid carrier relationships guarantee successful design and implementation of MPLS solutions. The result?..a significant network improvement and cost reductions for the clients.

EarthNet offers MPLS service from the following providers: ATT, Qwest, MCI, Sprint, Global Crossing and PaeTec.

ip data

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Direct Internet Access (DIA)

EarthNet offers an expanding portfolio of IP-based products and services including Dedicated Internet T1, Integrated T1 and DSL that enable customers to leverage the Internet and new Web-based technologies to enhance their business capabilities. Our multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)-enabled OC-48 IP network is expertly engineered and managed to provide industry-leading network reliability and quality.

We offer a variety of bandwidth increments, includingT1/E1, DS3, STM1, OC3, Gig E, OC48, OC192 and 10G, from Tier 1, 2 or 3 carriers. With a large U.S. infrastructure and increasing reach to international locations, connectivity to all major Internet providers, and a presence at U.S. peering exchanges, our Dedicated Internet Access consistently delivers the Internet to customers, helping them offer local-to-global connectivity to their end users.

How It Works

Our IP network successfully blends efficient Tier 1 connectivity, dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) and MPLS to deliver a superior network solution with quality IP service and security. The engineering and performance strength of our backbone network enables us to provide industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs) with credits for network availability, packet loss and latency.

Solid network performance is documented by continuous third-party monitoring by Keynote®, one of the industry’s most highly regarded network performance measurement firms. Our IP backbone excels against the competition in network performance and affordability.


Some of the benefits of Dedicated Internet Access are:

  • U.S. Accessibility
    Customers access our IP network at more than 299 locations throughout the United States using their choice of access technologies, including ATM, frame relay, private line, SONET, and at some locations, all speeds of Ethernet.
  • International
    Dedicated Internet Access service is currently available in London and can be provisioned at speeds of E-3, DS-3, STM-1, STM-4, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet. We use owned undersea cable capacity, with a network center (POP) in London , to provide European reach into North America . International SLAs for London include an availability of 99.99 percent, packet loss of less than 1 percent, and a round-trip latency measure of less than 100 ms between the United States and London .
  • Flexible Bandwidth Options
    Dedicated Internet Access can be provisioned at speeds of DS-1, DS-3, OC-3, OC-12, OC-48 and all speeds of Ethernet. Our IP backbone is highly scalable and expandable to provide a range of capacity allowing customers to choose the bandwidth they need. We use DWDM to quickly allocate a new wavelength from fiber along our fully lit, next-generation network – the largest in the United States – and Ethernet metro builds to launch new routes and cities whenever needed.
  • Aggressive SLAs
    ompetitive SLAs include 99.999 percent network availability and less than 1 percent packet loss. They also include an average four-hour mean time to restore and latency measuring less than 55 ms average within the United States
  • Variety of Billing Options
    We offer IP customers a variety of billing methods, including flat rate, tiered, burstable and usage based. Each option is designed to meet customers’ needs based on their unique traffic patterns.
  • Proactive Operations Support
    The N etwork control center is staffed 24 x 7 by highly skilled technicians to ensure the IP network – and those of its customers – perform as designed. This includes monitoring every aspect of our customers’ service, from trouble notifications to identification of problems, and assistance with preventive measures.
  • Suite of Internet Services
    Dedicated Internet Access is just one product in an expanding suite of Internet services. Another is IP Virtual Private Networks, delivering the class of service and security that customers demand.

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Public IP VPN (Virtual Private Network)

IP VPN service is a cost-effective wide area networking solution that combines the global reach and flexibility of the Internet with the security, reliability and performance of a private network. Businesses can choose from a wide selection of network access and security options to accommodate their specific WAN topology.

For sites directly connected to the an IP backbone, customer data is protected using MPLS encapsulation and switching. For maximum security, and to protect off-net locations and remote users, IPsec tunneling with 3DES encryption is also available. These security and network access options allow companies to seamlessly connect their corporate headquarters, branch offices, remote users and business partners in a secure, highly scalable manner.

Users can choose the appropriate Class of Service (known as CoS or QoS) for their specific traffic patterns and business requirements. Each carrier has the ability to see the performance of their data delivery every step of the way.

This unparalleled visibility combined with our industry-leading service level agreements enable companies to deploy even the most performance-sensitive, mission-critical applications with complete confidence.


Here are some of the benefits of IP VPN:

  • Premium Performance
    We offer MPLS technology and classes of service for the most demanding applications.
  • Maximum Security
    Our IP VPN service provides secure IP sec tunneling with 3DES encryption to protect data.
  • Flexibility
    Choose the bandwidth level, security features, class of service (COS) and level of management/support that’s right for you.
  • Reliability
    Network redundancy and fault tolerance, combined with stringent service level agreements, ensure availability.
  • Cost Effective
    IP VPN “any-to-any” inherent connectivity eliminates the need to provision and manage multiple dedicated lines or permanent virtual circuits (PVC).
  • Fully Managed
    We can handle everything from initial network design to ongoing maintenance and support

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Frame Relay

If your applications require LAN to LAN type connections with bursty transfers of data, then Frame Relay may be your best method of transportation. Frame Relay is a standard protocol developed and accepted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). It was developed to be a standardized access protocol that could be used in a public network.

If your network currently uses dedicated leased lines for your internetworking, Frame Relay could give you the increased throughput you desire with the cost savings you need. Our public frame relay products to give you the permanent connections you require at the throughput you deem necessary. Permanent connections are done logically inside our network using Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVC). PVCs can be constructed to locations that have a physical connection to the network. Those connections can have a variety of speeds that carriers will guarantee with SLA . The Committed Information Rate (CIR) is the component that enables you to tailor your networking requirements.

Frame Relay has become a mainstream technology that most carriers and equipment manufacturers have embraced. It is not often that a new technology comes along from which you can receive more features and benefits and pay less for the service. In today’s world, applications require more bandwidth and the data is more critical to daily operation. With dedicated leased lines, your bandwidth is fixed at a certain throughput. For many users, a 56 KB line is not enough. but a T-1 line is too costly.

Frame relay enables you to purchase the speeds you need, plus they can cost less than regular 56 Kb lines you may already be using. The benefits of a frame relay network are inherent in the network itself. Increasing your CIR. building more PVC’s or giving any-to-any connectivity is all done transparent to your company. Flexibility and increased throughput are key reasons to use WCS’ Frame Relay service.

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Domestic and International Private Line

Domestic and International Private Line

Our domestic Private Line (PL) and international private line (IPL) services extend your reach domestically or worldwide, providing the most dependable, efficient, direct method of transporting any type of data traffic. PL’s and IPL’s are designed to seamlessly link domestic and international customers private networks so they can share a suite of network services and efficiently bridge the gap between SONET/SDH communications standards. PL and IPL circuits can be easily bundled with metro access services for connectivity to any network anywhere in the United States or worldwide.

How it works

Domestic Private Lines and International Private Line Services are dedicated point-to-point lease lines crossing over one or more domestic or international boundary. The PL and IPL circuits are available for a monthly fee, regardless of the degree of use. Typical configuration is from one of our U.S. international gateway network centers (POP’s) to a far-end domestic gateway. Outside the United States , carriers typically use undersea cables and terrestrial fiber systems to provide service to countries worldwide, leveraging both owned and leased facilities.PL and IPL can carry data, digitized voice, fax, video and other forms of digital transmission, at standard data rates of DS-1 (1.544 Mbps) to OC-12/STM-4 (622.080 Mbps)

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Managed Network Services (MNS)

Managed IP VPN Service

This service is a fully managed MPLS or DSL VPN solution. EarthNet provides clients with an optimized MPLS or DSL network design using premium network providers such as AT&T, MCI, Covad, Sprint, New Edge, Verizon, Bell South, DSL.NET, MegaPath, and SBC. The advantages of using premium network providers include:

• Redundant and diverse IP backbones.

• Peering arrangements so traffic never crosses over the public Internet.

• Financial stability that secures your network investment

• Flexibility and reach across the world.

• Industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLA)

The Managed IP VPN Service provides the best network at the lowest possible cost, along with system components (hardware and software), installation, day-to-day management and maintenance procedures for all equipment.

Managed Frame Relay & Private Line

MNS is a fully managed, end-to-end data, communications, and equipment solution that is seamlessly integrated with the client network. MNS specializes in managing and monitoring network technologies such as frame relay and private line.

This product provides the system components (hardware and software), installation, day -to-day management and maintenance procedures for the SMTP-manageable router, switch, and hub.

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Co Location

EarthNet is a neutral colocation integrator of nearly every carrier backbone provider in the US and major international cities. EarthNet gives you more: more interconnection options, quicker time-to-market, a secure reliable environment, and a faster return on your investment. With today’s economy changing at light speed, EarthNet can provide the solutions and opportunities you need to be successful. EarthNet is the foundation of the neutral marketplace – a marketplace offering a broad array of choices in expanding your business.

Our commitment to quality is augmented by our experienced and knowledgeable technical support staff that understands your business and is dedicated to your success .

EarthNet’s colocation facilities feature customizable space and power to accommodate your unique requirements. Rigorous standards – such as redundant UPS power and generator backup, robust temperature and humidity controls, and fire protection – are built into the infrastructure of every facility. We safeguard your systems against physical and virtual intrusions or tampering, with comprehensive security measures that range from 24×7 monitoring and secure access to locking cabinets and cages.

Product Bundling

Product bundles are available to decrease your time spent in procurement. We offer several product bundles that include space, power, interconnection, and bandwidth.

Advanced Security

In addition to industry standard security infrastructure, Switch and Data provides 24 x 7 remote monitoring of all facilities from our NOC and our providers Security Operations Center (SOC).

Increased Reliability

Reliable facilities and services – from full-managed infrastructures and experienced technical support personnel to robust environments – for maximum uptime and 24 x 7 access to your systems and information.

Improved Performance

Service Level Agreements assure uninterrupted performance for your mission-critical systems.

Reduced Expenses

Avoid costly local-loop charges and gain access to competitive Internet pricing in our carrier-neutral facilities.

Greater Flexibility

Fully customizable space and power to meet your needs.

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EarthNet Hardware

EarthNet offers a full range of Interconnect products and services for voice and data networks such as routers and switched. Instead of pushing one brand, we represent many vendors for PBX, IP-PBX’s, Ethernet Switches, Wireless Access Points, Gateways, LAN/WAN Management, Internet Access Devices, Routers, Analog and Digital Telephones, Service/Warranty Programs, all from respected manufactures like Avaya, Cisco Nortel and others are all represented. This translates into additional savings to you as well as meeting your company’s needs, now and in the future.

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Equipment for Services (EFS)


Now You Can Upgrade and Stay within Your Budget!
Imagine budgetary constraints aren’t an issue. Then imagine acquiring equipment with minimal or no capital outlay while still recognizing a reduction in network costs.

Equipment for Services (EFS), budget constraints and out-of-date equipment are a thing of the past. You can eliminate the costs of modernizing your aging telecommunications infrastructure with more financial comfort than you ever thought possible because EFS gives you the freedom to obtain what you need, when you need it, without advancing a large capital outlay.

EFS Program Information

Solutions Tailored to your Business
EarthNet Consulting will work with you to develop a flexible, bundled solution of hardware, software, network connectivity, and competitive voice and data services that precisely meets your business needs. And, you’ll have one consolidated monthly bill for your equipment and network services – at highly competitive rates that remain constant throughout the life of your contract.

Discover Equipment for Services
It’s simple, straightforward, and affordable.
New equipment at little or no cost.
High-quality voice and data services at competitive rates.
One-bill convenience.

EFS Features and Benefits

Equipment for Services offers these features and benefits:

  • · One-vendor solution for equipment, network solutions, and financing
  • · Budget constraints are eliminated
  • · Aging infrastructure can be upgraded with new state-of-the-art technology
  • · Expert consultants analyze equipment and network needs
  • · Choose from multiple equipment partners and preferred vendors
  • · One consolidated monthly bill for equipment and all network services
  • · Competitive, fixed network rates for the life of the contract

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